Weedtechnics About Us expresses the backbone of the business

Hello there!

Passion led us here. We are all about fighting the harmful effects of herbicides on the global stage.

Our story started with a question: Is your weed killer killing you? It was soon coupled with another one: How about a weed killer that is safe enough to drink?

Weedtechnics was born as an answer, in 1999, right here, in the heart of Sydney and in the mind of one man—Jeremy Winer, the Managing Director and CEO of our company. And guess what our weed killer is? Plain water!

There are no chemicals, no toxins, no spray drift, no danger to your heart and lungs if you, your staff, customers, general public, waterways and wildlife breathe freely while you are weeding and absolutely no danger to the health of your soil.

We manufacture robust, commercial-grade weeding machines that operate on our patented technology, called Satusteam. It is a unique combination of boiling water and saturated steam that cooks weed instantly.

Our Purpose

We exist to innovate and develop technology for safe weed control that replaces toxins,minimises harm to our ecosystem, and allows you to breath easy and walk barefoot in a regenerating world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have our Satusteam technology providing organic weed control in every community, and through our efforts empower new business opportunities and create local, safe, meaningful employment.

The Weedtechnics People

Jeremy Winer
Managing Director and CEO
Andrew Shaw
New Client Manager
Nicholas Larson
Workshop Manager
Guy Marshall
General Manager
Sidonie S-Winer
Digital Marketing Associate
Daniel Ruga
Design Engineer
Lourdes Reyes
Personal Assistant to MD
Amy Bell
Customer Experience Manager

A Few Words From Our Customers