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Goodman Group & Weedtechnics: Changing the Future of Environmental Sustainability

Jeremy Winer

“Look at the Satusteam unit, it’s quite exciting and impressive in the way in which the unit works.”

“… to Jeremy’s testament, the openness in which he does his business, and the transparency, is probably something that I appreciate from a client’s perspective.”

As one of the pioneers of using sustainable weed control methods, Weedtechnics will collaborate with the Australian commercial property company, Goodman Group, to lead a big environmental sustainability initiative.

Based around an interview with the Head of Presentation at Goodman, Mr. Shaun Nelson, this feature will discuss the plans and the initiatives of both companies towards achieving a greener and sustainable future.


What does the Goodman Group do?

“Something that’s really important to Goodman as a stance, is to set the industry benchmark in regard to presentation, to cleaning, the landscaping, the painting and the signage.”

Shaun started working with Goodman in 2012 as the Head of Presentation, it’s his duty to manage about $18 million in operational expenditure that incorporates all things in cleaning and landscaping.

Goodman Group is an Australian-based company that owns, develops, and manages real estate properties. The company manages multiple logistics facilities, warehouses, business offices, and parks. Part of their job is to maintain these properties to a high standard, which includes weed management.


Image showing the Goodman Group headquarters

Goodman Group is an Australian-based company that owns, develops, and manages real estate properties. (Photo credits)


When asked what made his journey in Goodman special, Shaun told us that it was the opportunity to use the expertise he gained from contracting and bring that experience to a customer-based perspective. Shaun also mentioned that he started at Goodman with a number of contractors and one of the first projects was to re-establish their grounding from their previous experiences.        

Goodman formed partnerships with a number of highly valuable landscaping and cleaning companies. They focused on understanding what Goodman does and how they do it. From there, things started to flourish.

“[We] understand what Goodman does, and how Goodman do it, and we’ve been able to achieve a really consistent and high standard of presentation.”

Currently, Goodman is focusing on sustainability initiatives which include LED lighting, a Galcon GSI Smart irrigation program, handheld battery equipment, as well as reducing their glyphosate footprint in killing weeds. That’s where they collaborated with Weedtechnics. 


Why Choose Weedtechnics?

Shaun was introduced to Weedtechnics through one of their contractors, Growing Options, who also engaged with Jeremy Winer, Weedtechnics Managing Director. According to Shaun, they created a Sustainability Committee, with a representative from Growing Options. 

Shaun and the committee discussed all things about technology, operations, and logistics. It was mentioned that they will look into what Weedtechnics can offer to improve their weed management programs.

“Jeremy came and presented to us about where the Weedtechnics Satusteam™ products are, the type of units available… We recently organised a trial with a number of Contractors to try and get to know the types of machines.”


Image of Weedtechnics personnel using Satusteam.

Weedtechnics Managing Director Jeremy Winer demonstrating the application of Satusteam™.


Shaun also told Weedtechnics that the way Goodman are heading, they’re aiming to be more sustainable at a holistic level and provide a hybrid or a mandated approach to how they control weed infestations.

When asked why they chose Weedtechnics, Shaun said that they never pick one particular company, assign them 200 sites, and wish them their merry way. He explained that they get the best contractors when they see how they are working with other clients.

In addition, the Goodman team also found the Weedtechnic Satusteam™ equipment exciting and impressive in the way that it works. According to Shaun, “…the concept of how it works is very practical, with obvious clear benefits (on several levels)…”

Shaun also added that from a long-term sustainability perspective, the Satusteam™ equipment controls weeds better than many chemical applications out there. Goodman and Weedtechnics will collaborate to tailor Goodman’s machines to be practical, feasible, and viable for all contractors on an industrial basis.


The Future Between Goodman Group and Weedtechnics

The future looks bright between Goodman Group and Weedtechnics. As mentioned, Goodman manages real-estate properties, which includes weed management. As one of the pioneers of using sustainable weed control methods, Weedtechnics aligns with the goals of Goodman in achieving a chemical-free, environmentally-sustainable future.

Mr. Nelson reiterated that they are focusing heavily on sustainability initiatives and endeavours. He also said that one of their main goals in this collaboration is the point in which their contractors are comfortable with using Satusteam™ equipment. He sees a future where the contractor’s go-to equipment for weed management is our equipment.


Image of Weedtechnics personnel using Satusteam.

Weedtechnics and Goodman’s collaboration will bring us further into environmental sustainability.

When asked what the biggest challenge will be in achieving this goal, Shaun replied:

“I think changing the mindset is our biggest challenge, because typically, landscapers will just grab the Round-up. That’s just been up until now the go-to, and it’s changing that mindset. So, that’s our biggest challenge I think, moving forward.”

Goodman looks at a future where there’s a viable space for customers to lease. A space where they can create a dynamic ecosystem where people can come to work, do their business and appreciate the healthy environment around them. They are already achieving these goals through their sustainability initiatives.          

And Weedtechnics is a big part of it.



We live in a world where resources are scarce, and time is a premium. We must play our roles of maintaining the space and environment we live in and be part of the drive that moves it forward to a sustainable future. With big companies like Goodman and Weedtechnics leading the way, we can all release a big sigh of relief, knowing that people across the globe are taking these initiatives.

About the Author : Jeremy Winer

Jeremy Winer has 30 years of practical experience in implementing integrated holistic approach to organic weed management across urban landscapes, recreational parklands and wetlands. He currently runs Weedtechnics specialising in providing chemical reduction and non-toxic weed control programs to municipalities across Australia. He has developed, patented, manufactured, and commercialised the Steamwand method of creating saturated steam for vegetation control.