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Herbicide-Free Municipal Weed Control in USA

Jeremy Winer

Satusteam™: Paving the Way for Herbicide-Free Municipal Weed Control

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, Weedtechnics’ Satusteam™ stands as a beacon of innovation, providing municipalities across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA with a holistic and chemical-free approach to weed control. Let’s delve into why Satusteam™ has become the preferred choice for over 100 councils, revolutionizing weed management in public spaces.steam weeding for municipalities

Safe Weed Control for Sensitive Areas:


What can be safer than using regular water for weed control? Satusteam™ ensures safe and chemical-free weeding, making it an ideal solution for sensitive areas, particularly those with high visitation rates such as parks, playgrounds, and resideal-Free Weeding in Parks and Playgrounds:

Our Satusteam™ weed control systems are specifically designed for high visitation areas in and around the city. Municipalities can confidently eliminate the use of poisonous herbicides, ensuring the safety of residents and visitors, especially children who frequent parks and playgrounds.Steam weed control for public areas in USA

No Exposure to Poisonous Herbicides:

With Satusteam™, weed control technicians are exposed only to steam, eliminating any risk associated with poisonous herbicides. This approach aligns with the increasing concern for public health, especially in areas frequented by children and families.

Why Satusteam™ is a Suitable Weed Control Solution?

Weedtechnics collaborates with councils and local government agencies, assisting them in tackling notorious weeds without resorting to harmful chemicals. Over 46 councils in Australia are now adopting Satusteam™ for non-toxic weed control, particularly in areas like playgrounds where the risk of pesticides to children’s health is a growing concern.

Treat Weeds Anywhere, and More:

Satusteam™ is a versatile solution for municipalities, efficiently handling weed control in various settings, including parks, playgrounds, pavements, schools, hospitals, WSUDs, waterways, and stormwater catchment areas. Beyond weed control, Satusteam™ offers additional benefits, such as cleaning and sanitizing hard surfaces, making it an invaluable tool for maintaining public spaces.Steam weed control and management for Municipalities and councils

+ Councils and Municipalities have tried and tested SatusteamTM

atusteam™ is Tried and Tested:

The Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC), a forward-thinking local government authority, attests to the efficacy of Satusteam™. With government grants facilitating the adoption of this technology, the EMRC is actively incorporating Satusteam™ into its weed control strategies, further endorsing its effectiveness. In conclusion, Satusteam™ by Weedtechnics emerges as a tried, tested, and trusted solution for municipalities aiming to transition to herbicide-free weed control. As councils increasingly prioritize the well-being of their communities and the environment, Satusteam™ stands out as a sustainable, efficient, and safe alternative.    

About the Author : Jeremy Winer

Jeremy Winer has 30 years of practical experience in implementing integrated holistic approach to organic weed management across urban landscapes, recreational parklands and wetlands. He currently runs Weedtechnics specialising in providing chemical reduction and non-toxic weed control programs to municipalities across Australia. He has developed, patented, manufactured, and commercialised the Steamwand method of creating saturated steam for vegetation control.