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Is your weed killer safe enough to drink?

Ontario Farmer loved Satusteam™ !

In the article titled ‘Steam away your weed problems’, Jeff Carter says ‘Australian technology comes to Canada’. True that! Weedtechnics Satusteam™ machines are safe weed killers well-loved there. Spread across the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, Weedtechnics is fast expanding into other countries too.

Safe weed killer machine inventor Jeremy Winer

The article talks about Jeremy Winer, the Managing Director of Weedtechnics; how Satusteam™ users are enjoying their experience and believe that it is a much cheaper method for organic weeding than hiring working bees for hand weeding. Users are also amazed at how Satusteam™ is known as a safe weed killer.

Way back in 2000, the Municipality of Leichhardt was one of the pioneers to get this unique Satusteam™ weeding machine. Since then, there have been quite a few upgrades and innovations on the products but the technology has essentially remained the same.

Winer’s safe weed killer system can be used with hoses up to about 100 meters in length and still deliver a mix of boiling water and saturated steam. A key element to the patented Satusteam™ technology is the design of the nozzle (also patented, in 2004). It pressurizes the water to about 1,000 psi which allows it to be maintained n what Winer describes as a ‘super-heated state’ –up to 118°C. At the release point, a mixture of boiling water and saturated steam at low pressure is directed down onto the weeds – killing most species of them instantly.

An almond grower in California said he can cover 12-15 acres a day with his Satusteam™ unit. Winer’s ability to design tailored weed control systems with the Satusteam™ machines and other Weedtechnics accessories offers a great value-saves time, effort, and money and yields instant results!

Since Satusteam™ is just water, there is no fear of spray drift, off-target damage, or exposure to toxins. Totally safe to breathe in and around the worksite because there’s just puffs of steam and water.

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