Steam Weed Control in Councils, Universities and Schools - Weedtechnics


In today’s world, the call to embrace eco-friendly, sustainable practices is louder than ever. Leading this charge is Weedtechnics, a pioneering company that has spent over 25 years revolutionizing eco-friendly practices around the world with their patented technology, SatusteamTM.

Weedtechnics – A Sustainable Visionary:

Weedtechnics, with their commitment to environmental sustainability, has partnered with an impressive list of clients who have embraced their SatusteamTM technology to take a giant leap toward a more sustainable future.

Government & Official Institutions:

Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General: Australia’s highest office recognizes the significance of eco-friendliness and has chosen Weedtechnics’ SatusteamTM for an efficient herbicide alternative for councils to maintain their green spaces.

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney: A prominent institution preserving biodiversity, they demonstrate the importance of green spaces in urban areas by implementing Weedtechnics’ SatusteamTM for steam weed control for councils.

Gwydir Shire Council: A local government authority leading the way in rural sustainability, they’ve chosen Weedtechnics’ steam cleaning for councils to enhance public area maintenance.

Local Government Bodies:

Inner West Council Marrickville: Prioritizing green infrastructure, they’ve transitioned to Weedtechnics’ SatusteamTM for an effective herbicide alternative for councils.

Mackay Regional Council: They have implemented Weedtechnics’ steam cleaning for councils to promote sustainability in urban maintenance.

Educational & Research Institutions:

University of Colorado Boulder: An esteemed institution that educates students on sustainable practices, they explore Weedtechnics’ SatusteamTM as a solution for herbicide alternatives.
Environmental Conservation:

Freycinet National Park: Committed to preserving the environment, they rely on Weedtechnics’ SatusteamTM for effective steam weed control to protect the park’s unique ecosystem.
Commercial & Agricultural Enterprises:

Fromart: A leading example of sustainable business practices in the food industry, they utilize Weedtechnics’ steam cleaning methods for a clean and eco-friendly facility.
Local Councils & City Management:

Shire of Augusta Margaret River: Championing environmental conservation in Western Australia, they’ve embraced Weedtechnics’ SatusteamTM as an herbicide alternative for responsible land management.

City of Stirling: Focusing on sustainability and green initiatives, they’ve adopted Weedtechnics’ SatusteamTM for steam weed control to protect the environment in public areas.Best steam weeding for councils

Weedtechnics and SatusteamTM have made a significant impact on sustainability efforts around the world. Their innovative technology offers effective herbicide alternatives for councils, steam weed control for councils, and steam cleaning for councils. These clients serve as role models for others who aspire to embrace environmentally responsible practices in their respective fields.

As Weedtechnics continues to support these clients and collaborate with others who share their vision, they remain at the forefront of the movement towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world. Together, we can make a real difference in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation, thanks to Weedtechnics and their ground-breaking SatusteamTM technology.