Applicator heads and accessories designed for our weed control systems

Weedtechnics Applicator Heads and Accessories

together with a Satusteam™ machine creates your perfect weed control system. All our applicator heads are carefully engineered based on the needs of our customers. Each have a certain function and solves particular challenges.

Weedtechnics Applicator heads and accessories are specially engineered

to help you make the most of your Satusteam™ weeding machine. While we are always thinking of what can we do to make weeding an easier and enjoyable experience for you, listed below are some of our regular and most popular applicator heads and accessories that are big favourites of our customers. Fitted with our patented Satusteam™ delivery nozzles to ensure quality and efficacy, the Versitech applicators are general purpose hand held applicators suitable for spot weeding, controlling weeds around buildings and in hard surfaces. They provide excellent weed control in parks, gardens and for organic growers. There are a standard hand-held applicator heads and some that are designed to assist with weed control in horticulture and agricultural industries.

Versitech Cover Heads (VCH)


The Versitech Cover Heads (VCH) are our basic applicator heads. The VCH - 35 or the Versitech Cover Head that's 35 cm long is the usual head we provide with every bare unit that delivers 5L of Satusteam™ per minute. The VCH - 60 or the 60 cm long covered applicator head comes with the bare units that can do 10L of Satusteam™ per minute. The smallest of the applicator heads is the VCH 10 which is just 10 cm in length. All VCH applicator heads work at the end of our cool-touch, vented lance. and can be used with a wheel kit support.

  • VCH - 60: A 60 cm covered applicator head, designed to cover 56-60 cm of ground under it while satuseaming weeds.
  • VCH - 35: A 35 cm covered applicator head that is the most functional of the three. It is a good size for regular use as it is not too big and neither too small.
  • VCH - 10: A 10 cm covered applicator head that is not just a weeding handle but also a tool for 4" wide line-marking in green fields. It eliminates the need of toxic paints completely.

Versitech Open Head (VOH)


The Versitech Open Head is a great tool for spot weeding, cooking weeds underneath shrubbery and weeding along borders and boundaries. It can deliver 5L-10L of Satusteam™ with ease.

  • The VOH attaches to the end of the cool-touch, vented lance.
  • The whole setup can be used with a wheel kit for effortless manoeuverability.

Spike Kit


This is one of innovative tools to fight bulbous root systems of invasive weeds. It has the ability to pierce into the roots and deliver Satusteam™. This kills the roots instantly and thus eliminates their chances of regeneration. The spike kit has consistently proven successful against notorious weeds like nutgrass and onion grass.

  • spike kit is a self-assemble set.
  • Just like the other hand-held applicator heads, this one also works at the end of a Weedtechnics cool-touch, vented lance.
  • It is recommended to clean after each use as mud and debris from the soil often gets stuck during usage.

Pressure Cleaning Nozzles


One of the added advantages that our Satusteam™ weed control systems offer is cleaning and sanitizing. Yes, you might be surprised to know that with our pressure cleaning nozzles attached to the end of your lance, you can get rid of that decade old sticky gum in seconds or clean your barbeque grill in minutes or restore that garden statue and limestone walkway to its original clean state without causing any damage! Amazing, right?

  • Satusteam™ delivered at a low pressure is a deadly combination for all grit and grime.
  • There are three different categories of nozzles - green, white and yellow, designed to deliver Satusteam™ with different variations in pressure and temperature to suit your specific need.

Hydro Twister


The hydro twister is an industry-grade flat surface cleaner in the pressure washer category of tools. Not that we manufacture them but we have them for you. The Hydro Twister can work with either hot or cold water and so, it works very well with Satusteam™. The result is always stunning!

  • Trident Hydro Twisters at Weedtechnics are available in two deck sizes, 24” (ANT24) and 28” (ANT28).

Wheely Good Wheel Kit


To solve the challenge of fatigue and tiredness from weeding for long hours with hand-held applicator heads on the cool-touch lance, we designed this unique attachment called the 'Wheely Good Wheel Kit'. It is essentially a triangular frame that has twin wheels at the base and a clever little locking system at the top.

  • Enhances ease of manoeuverability
  • Distributes the weight and makes it lighter on the wrists
  • Simple to assemble
  • Doesn't need much storage space

Cool-touch, vented lance


Our special assembled lance is cool to the touch and light weight. The Satusteam™ comes in through the insulated hose and passes through it to the applicator head. The Weedtechnics lance is designed in a way that it does not affect the temperature of the Satusteam™ and delivers it at 118°C from the applicator head.

  • Has a trigger gun to control the flow of Satusteam™
  • Light weight
  • Durable for long hours of daily use

Rowtech 55


The Rowtech 55 is a more horticulture focused applicator head. With its unique circular shape, it allows the Satusteam™ reach along verges, around fence lines, hedge rows, edges, around irrigation sprinklers, under tree trunks and vines rows with ease. The Rowtech 55 applicator head allows for the rapid weed control treatments and is suitable for vehicle mounting.

  • The Rowtech 55 is 55 cm in diameter
  • It is able to attach to other Weedtechnics ag-implements



The Tracktech is a versatile agricultural implement that is usually attached to a tractor or trailer or a suitable vehicle to go into the field. It works with the Rowtech applicator head, allowing it to fold up and retract when required while satusteaming through vine rows and orchards. It also allows the Rowtech applicator head to glide smoothly along the undulations in the terrain, to provide you with a continuous and wholesome weeding experience.

  • Adaptable to work with more than one applicator heads
  • Can be arranged to fit the front or back of the vehicle

Orchard Head 120


The Orchard Head 120 applicator head is specially designed for horticulture and agriculture. With its unique shape, it can run along the contours of the ground closely and easily. Fitted with three Satusteam™ nozzles, it is capable of achieving high efficiency and faster weed control with a wide area coverage along the rows and underneath your produce. While running parallel to the tractor, it provide three consecutive treat at one go.

  • Length is 120 cm
  • Can be also used along the width which is 90 cm
  • It can couple with the Tracktech and work simultaneously, depending on the type of the Satusteam™ machine

Insulated Hose


With every Weedtechnics Satusteam™ machine system, we provide our specific, insulated hose. It is protected by a strong outer cover. Where the hose connects with the trigger gun of your cool-touch, vented lance, we provide a sturdy clip-on red cover as an added safety feature. The hose is always set on a reel for easy handling and neat storage.

  • Default length is 30m
  • Depending on your weeding solution, it can be extended to 60m or 90m.
  • With a dual operator setup, we provide two separate sets of hose and reel.
  • Comes with a protective red clip-on cover

Hose Reels


The insulated hoses are always set in a reel for easy accessibility and storage. The reels are carefully chosen to hold the entire length of the hose. We provide different combinations of a reel and a hose based on your bespoke weed control solution. All hose reels are made of heavy duty metal.

  • Electric Remote Control Rewind Hose Reel: This is a state-of-art reel system that is powered by a battery. We install a solar panel to keep the battery charged at all times. All you need to do during packing up is, press a button! The reel would retract back to your vehicle.
  • Spigot Mount 360° Pivot Hose Reel: Usually found on our Green Ninja weed control machine models, the spigot reel is just what it says it is. It is mounted on to the frame of your machine with a spigot and rotates 360°.
  • Base Mount Hose Reel: The base mount hose reel is perfect for skids and some trailers.

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