What is Satusteam™?

All About Satusteam™

What is Satusteam™?

Satusteam™ is our patented chemical free weed killing technology. It’s the combination of boiling water and saturated steam, it is lethal to weeds on contact and is effective on all soft leafed and stemmed vegetation.

How does it work?

We generate Satusteam™ by superheating the water, then depressurising it through our patented nozzles. It's delivered at low pressure and high temperature, around 98ºC - 100ºC, exploding the cells on contact.

Why Satusteam™

Because Satusteam™ is delivered at a high temperature, it kills weeds on contact. The sudden increase in temperature of thermal shock causes more cell damage, increasing efficacy. It gets some penetration into the meristematic zone / growing point of the plant, which provides a longer residual control compared to other methods.

Who is it for?

We have a range of customisable weed control machines and accessories to cover;

Landscape management
and maintenance

Rural lifestyle / Property

Municipalities / Councils / Corporates

Horticulture /

What else can it do?

Not only is Satusteam™ an organic weed control solution, it also a great tool for pressure cleaning and sanitisation. How is Satusteam™ capable of sanitising?

Satusteam™ weed control systems are capable of Sanitising at 77°C /170.6°F and at 98-100°C / 208-212°F. These emit steam and boiling water, with the immersive flow at the target contaminant. They are hotter than sanitising temperatures and powerful enough to clean and remove gum, gunk, and grime; but won’t damage painted or timber surfaces.

Satusteam™ has also been used to clear off roof gutters and, in cooler climates, to melt ice.

A Satusteam™ Machine is a multi use tool easily customised to your needs. Check out our range here.

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